Wednesday, 27 August 2008

I'm back

Here are some more colour studies from around London. Each is in gouache on heavy weight paper, about 1.25 inches in height. There is no need, I've found, to create a large painting in order to explore colour and composition. When scanned at 300dpi a lot of interesting accidental details seem to pop out.


Billy George said...

Wow Tom those are beautiful. Glad I found your blog. I love looking through the london sketches.

Still trying to figure out the title though- "Augenwurm".

Hope youre doing well

Tom Dow said...

Hi Billy!

Thanks for the comments. I am having a great time wandering about on the weekends doing these. I've just now added your blog to my sidebar. What an embarrassing oversight on my part.

As far as the title... that's a long story. I guess if something like that needs explanation then it isn't really working. Next time I'll be more clear.

Billy George said...

Nah the title is great. Im just very slow- you know that about me Tom!

Keep up the great work. Ill be coming back here a lot.

zoomfrog said...

Hi Tom.....yeah...big wow...verrrry nice sketches

Oi...I'm jealous / wish I could be working in the UK.....nice place to tour about when it's not raining !

I sold all my bikes but if I was there I'd be looking for an old 1930's Velocette or Norton .

Cheers man !