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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Colour Studies

Here are some more from the last couple of weeks. Starting to move away from experimental use of colour to something that is more representational.

A large part of the fun of this is when people come up and want to see what I am painting. I used to want privacy, but now I actually enjoy it. They are always complimentary, which is not necessarily a reflection on whatever skills I might have. Most people regard any level of painting ability as a sort of magic trick. One guy who was clearly down on his luck walked up to me at Liverpool Street Station and told me how impressed he was with the painting, then asked if I could spare some change. He found my one weakness. How could I refuse.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Colour Studies

Back to doing some colour studies. I find it remarkable that once you calibrate your colour sense to the world of the painting some remarkable things happen. What looks like grey on the palette can stand in for green in the world of the painting, for instance.Pink can become white, rust can become scarlet, olive can become black. This shift in calibration can force the viewer to respond emotionally to the painting in different ways.